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Buckets of Creativity

What We Do

Runway to Confidence

Since 2011, Shea Fashion has hosted  its groundbreaking Runway to Confidence Program, a transformative initiative designed to empower students with the art of confident runway walking while fostering self-assurance that extends far beyond the catwalk.


Design Mentorships

An initiative that fuels the passion of budding designers by pairing them with experienced local design mentors. Through this transformative program, students are guided on a creative journey, honing their skills and crafting unique pieces to be showcased at the highly anticipated annual event.


Open to All

Not interested in modeling? Not a designer? No problem! At Shea Fashion, we welcome all students regardless of area of interest. In the past students have worked in choreography, set design, stage management, lighting, styling, and event planning. 

"Shea fashion has been one of the most memorable and greatest experiences that I have had in high school. The creativity we have for the show is wonderful and I just feel more safe in Shea Fashion. I get to make memories with the people I love to hang with and it's just overall a fun experience that I think everyone should try."

-Miguel M.  | Grade 12

"Shea Fashion has helped and impacted my personal growth and development so much. Through this experience, I have become more confident in my own skin and have learned to embrace my unique qualities and abilities. Being a part of the Shea Fashion program has taught me the importance of self-expression and embracing my individuality and personal style. Shea Fashion has made me a better person because it has made me learn and understand the value of confidence, representation, discipline, and teamwork."

-Melissa K | Grade 12

"Being in Shea fashion is an amazing experience and a very welcoming environment . It helped me build my confidence and it helped me be more comfortable with my body."

-Maraliz P. | Grade 11

I’m glad I joined  Shea Fashion because it boosted my confidence and made me step out my comfort zone and pursue something I’d never thought I’d be able to do."

-Lorena F | Grade 11

How Does It Work?

Our programming revolves around our annual Shea Fashion showcase in the spring. Once part of our program, students are offered different pathways to explore their creativity and foster their confidence through workshops and mentorship. We have a rolling enrollment for all our programs except for our Runway to Confidence Workshop that is cast in December of each year. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Shea Fashion!

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Stay in Touch

Thanks for joining us!

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