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Our Story

In 2010, Shea Fashion made its debut as a yearly fashion extravaganza hosted at Charles E. Shea High School in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Inspired by the captivating and lively designer fashion shows, the Shea Fashion Show boldly defied the conventional high school prom exhibition. Quickly earning the reputation as the community's standout event, the show emerged as a vibrant celebration of creativity, culture, diversity, and individual expression. Initially a once-a-year occurrence, Shea Fashion has evolved into an ongoing program, empowering students to explore, innovate, and inspire with unwavering confidence.

The Power of Fashion & Entertainment
to Empower and Inspire

Our Mission

Shea Fashion is 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works to empower and inspire high school students, particularly those from lower-income communities, by providing a comprehensive afterschool program that fosters self-confidence, celebrates diversity, and creates creative opportunities through the world of fashion and entertainment.

Our Vision

Our vision at Shea Fashion is to create a world where every high school student has the opportunity to feel confident and empowered through fashion. We are committed to expanding our program to reach more students and communities, and to continue to innovate and inspire through fashion.

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