Shea Fashion is an enrichment program committed to providing opportunities to youth interested in careers in the fashion industry or looking to boost confidence and enhance social skills in an inclusive setting. The program curates in-house events, provides opportunities to collaborate with professionals, and promotes creativity and self-expression through the vehicle of fashion and entertainment.


Shea Fashion began in 2009 as an annual fashion show held at Charles E. Shea High School in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Inspired by the theatrical and entertaining designer fashion shows, the Shea Fashion Show challenged the idea of a traditional high school prom showcase. Labeled as the community event of the year, the show is a celebration of creativity, culture, diversity, and individuality. For over 10 years our program has amazed packed audiences. Although starting as a yearly event, Shea Fashion has grown to become a continuous program that allows students the opportunity to create, reimagine, and inspire with confidence.

The Team

William Lopera

Founder/Creative Advisor of Shea Fashion

William "Willy" Lopera received his B.S in business management with a concentration in fashion from Johnson and Wales University. He has worked professionally in the retail fashion industry for over 10 years. The founder and artistic director of Shea Fashion, William enjoys working with students and watching them grow into confident, empowered adults.

Phyllis McHale

Shea High Fashion Pathway Director | Assistant Advisor of Shea Fashion

Phyllis McHale is a dedicated instructor who has inspired Pawtucket students for over two decades. A graduate of the University of Rhode Island, Phyllis worked in the telecommunications industry before segueing to education. She joined the Shea Fashion program in 2012: introducing student-made garments to the show via Shea's fashion pathway program.

Efrain "Frankie" Freeman

Model Co-captain | Class of 2022

Ailani Alvarez

Model Co-captain | Class of 2023

ReFashioned Student Designers

Adriano Freire, Isaiah Wisseh, Matthew Ankomah, Chrissette Rodrigues Ramos, Viahnni Acevedo, Arissa Cambell, and Efrain Freeman